Growth Hacking Studio

We build your growth engine with
our data and experiment driven approach.

Who We Are?

Muhammed Tüfekyapan

Founder of Growth Hacking Studio. Muhammed has been working on growth hacking since 2015 and is the writer of Introduction to Growth Hacking.

Mustafa Dalcı

Founder of Userspots, Turkey’s biggest UX design studio. Mustafa is a mentor at Growth Hacking Studio. Help us to create high-end solutions.

Emre Güney

Growth Consultant at Growth Hacking Studio. Emre is a growth marketer based in Istanbul who is interested in conversion optimization & growth hacking, leading optimization and analytics realm at Pegasus Airlines, the leading low-cost airline in Turkey since 2013.

Anıl Koman

Business Development and Product Consultant at Growth Hacking Studio. Anil is a Istanbul based Product Innovator who has a passion on people-centric and lean product development. Leading business development processes of Demirören Medya since 2016.

Case Study

Konuşarak Öğren is the leading online English education system. Check out what we did together.

Landing page
conversion rate

Lead customer
conversion rate

Average cost
per click

How We Work

Growth does not come overnight. It needs a systematic process.

 We set up our growth framework in your company based on data and experiments.


All of our actions based on data. First thing we do check your analyse structure and analyse all of your digital assets both with quantitative and qualitative data sets.


Data help us to create growth hypotheses for your business. Test is the determinator of the quality a hypothesis. So we do. With high tempo testing we test all of hypothesis.


Data and experiment driven high tempo testing give opportunity to establish a proven growth engine for your business. After testing and analyse process your growth playbook will be ready.

We guarantee 25% growth within our first six months.

Introduction to Growth Hacking


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Growth Hacking Istanbul

We believe in community power! Growth Hacking Istanbul is a growth hacking event that people share their expertise with our amazing community. 8 of 10 attendees say they changed their daily operations after Growth Hacking Istanbul event.

Visit Us

Growth Hacking Studio is based in Istanbul, Turkey for now.
If you are nearby, come and visit us at Istanbul’s new co-working space Habita.