Aegon is a world famous financial institution. One of its important operations in Turkey is Aegondirekt. Aegondirekt allows you to take out credit life insurance independently while you are getting credit. In this way, it provides you with insurance at a more advantageous price than your bank. In this post we will share with you our conversion optimization workflow and an example of our A/B tests we have done as Growth Hacking Studio together with Aegondirekt.

Conversion Optimization Workflow

As Growth Hacking Studio, we give the greatest importance and weight to the research and analysis studies in the conversion optimization workflow. For analysis and research studies, when we started conversion optimization study of Aegondirekt, we conducted a series of studies to analyze conversion problems especially:

– Google Analytics examination,
– Examination of user records,
– Examination of heat maps,
– Survey studies with Internet site users.

One of the A/B test hypotheses we have created as a result of our analysis is that using a video that explains the service and Aegondirekt advantages instead of presenting value propositions and customer comments to users who arrives on the landing page will improve both the landing page and the conversions during the ongoing process.

A/B Test Variations

During our test, we added a video on the bottom of the page, which takes 1.5-2 minutes and the value proposition on the top instead of user comments and value proposition in the control group of users visiting the landing page. This video provided information on the laws and processes about the fact that the customers who get credit can take out their credit life insurance from the financial institutions rather than a bank.

Test Results

When we examined the test results, we observed that there was an increase of 29% in the conversion on landing page, and 18% in the number of conversions after the user passed the first landing page compared to the variation control group.

In summary

In our analysis studies, we found that users of Aegondirekt websites had low awareness of the service. We thought that raising awareness about the service would create positive effects both for the landing page and for the subsequent conversions after the landing page. We used a video to raise awareness while preparing our variation. With this video, we aimed users to understand the difference between the form area and the content area visually and to become aware of the service.

As Aegondirekt our priority is to explain the product we offer within the sector of life insurance correctly and to make sure the customers feel in a clear flow. The CRO studies we have done together with Growth Hacking Studio for that purpose gave very successful results. We have been very pleased with the professional approach of GrowthHacking Studio from hypothesizing to front-end amendments and to the reporting phase of the tool. As a result, thanks to our tests we have achieved a 30% increase over our current conversion rate, we have optimized our website and succeeded in reducing lead costs during the period.

Aylin Tunçoktay – Aegondirekt Digital Marketing Manager