Atasun Optik CRO Case Study

Atasun Optik is one of Turkey’s most important brands in eyeglasses market. Through their website, they sell products of big sunglasses brands like Rayban, Mustang, Lacoste, Guess. In this post, we will share our conversion optimization study process and an example of our A/B tests that we have done as Growth Hacking Studio for Atasun Optik.

Conversion Optimization Process

As Growth Hacking Studio, we give the greatest importance and weight to the research and analysis studies in the conversion optimization workflow. For analysis and research studies, when we started conversion optimization study of Atasun Optik, we conducted a series of studies to analyze conversion problems such as:

– Google Analytics examination,

– Examination of user records,

– Survey studies with Internet site users,

– Research studies with store salespeople.

As a result of our analysis, we decided to implement one of the A/B test hypotheses according to the 3 basic questions we would ask the user rather than searching the products and the filters found on the listing page of the product discovery process of users.

Our A/B Test Variations

In the test scenario, if the user land were to land in a general brand page, they would be asked to select the gender, facial shape and their budget for the eyeglasses; if they were to land in a page where the gender was filtered (for example Man Rayban), to select facial shape and the budget to list the appropriate eyeglasses alternatives. We also included different approaches to the display of eyeglasses as well as the filtering area as variations in our test.

Test Results

Over 300,000 users have participated in our test and the winning group has become the 2nd variation. The examination of the results has shown that the 2nd variation provided an increase of 11% in e-commerce conversion rate, 14% in revenue and 16% in average revenue per session.

In summary

User research and analysis efforts play a very important role in conversion optimization studies. The analysis we have carried out qualitatively and quantitatively on this sample test, which we have shared for Atasun, enabled us to discover the flow we have shared above in the process when the website visitors reach the products. We also confirmed our hypothesis with our test using Google Optimize.

Increasing our conversion rate on our mobile site has been one of our KPIs this year. It has been our priorities to meet with the maximum correct product that can be available after using the filters on the product list in the direction of the analysis we have performed. Growth Hacking Studio has conducted interface works based on our hypothesis and we have taken our A/B tests live on our mobile site. We increased our mobile conversion rate by 11% and achieved a significant success in one of our top priorities. We would also like to thank the Growth Hacking Studio team for the hypothesis they provided during the process and for their solution-focused and rigorous work.

Gamze Ateş – E-Commerce Expert