We build data driven solutions for growth problems.

Neat solutions for long-lasting growth problems like customer acquisition, increasing engagement, retention and life-time revenue.

Long-lasting passion for growth

Product Approach

Deep level product thinking for ever layer of the growth process.


Quantitative and qualitative. We collect, enrich, analyze and utilize each data point.

High-end Solutions

We build neat solutions for the growth problems.

Growth Products

We’re building growth tools for innovative brands.

Growth Suite

Our first Shopify application Growth Suite analyze your website visitors in real-time, measure their buying intention and develop strategies to increase conversions from your website traffic.

  • Real-time buying intention detection
  • AI-Driven smart discount offers
  • Less cart abandonment.


  • Guides on growth, conversion and marketing.
  • Analysis from best brands all around the world.
  • Best practices and new tools.


We’re helping hundreds of Shopify stores all around the world. Each brand has its own story that needs to be heard. This is why we build Ecomrazzi, a platform to spread the story of brands all around the world.

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