iyzico is among Turkey’s leading payment system companies. They provide services in payment area with their products and services for those who make sale on the Internet from individual sellers selling on social media to corporate e-commerce companies and market places. Member businesses that wish to work with iyzico must first fill out the free membership form via the website. We will share our conversion optimization study with iyzico as Growth Hacking Studio and an exemplary A/B testing work in order to improve the user experience in this part.

Conversion Optimization Process

Analysis and research studies are the most critical aspect of CRO processes. When we started the conversion optimization study for iyzico, we conducted a research study including analysis of Google Analytics data, user research and competitor analysis.

As a result of the analysis we have conducted, we have seen iyzico have an opportunity on the iyziLink page for individual sellers. On this page, we discovered that users have difficulty to access and understand the value proposition, and in parallel, the membership creation step is difficult for users.

We have prepared a fiction that will help to highlight the value proposition and to make it easier to understand in addition to manage the cognitive cost of the user in the steps of membership in our A/B test setup.

A/B Test Variations

First, let’s examine the flow in the control group.

When the users arrived, they got general information about iyziLink via the first screen above and then they switched to the second screen to create their accounts when they clicked “Start Now” button.

In our test scenario, the screens turned into the following appearance;

First of all, we provided the user the much shorter information about the product on the left screen, and asked for the first two pieces of information necessary to sign up with the “Create Your Account Free” CTA text, and to fill in the remaining three pieces of information on the second screen.

Test Results

More than 200,000 users participated in our test and our variation was the winner. When we examined the results, we observed that the variation increased the creation of iyziLink membership by 30% and the average duration time by 9% compared to the control group.

In summary

It is important to analyze how users perceive the value offered and the cognitive costs associated with reaching this value accurately in the welcome pages prepared for request collection and membership acquisition in order to capture the opportunity areas. In the test we conducted, we could increase the conversion rate of incoming traffic to the page as we could have a clearer understanding of the product by the target audience and mitigate the possible drawbacks of taking the first step towards the iyziLink product.

“As a result of our A/B tests by Growth Hacking Studio for our iyziLink product page, we have seen a 30% increase in the conversion rate of our mobile users. Thank you for your support during the process.”

Barış Yılmaz – Head of Marketing