Konuşarak Öğren is an online education system that aims to teach English to its users. It offers online private classes from native English teachers. By offering 3, 6 and 12 month packages, it allows a wide variety of choices for those seeking to learn and speak English. With Konuşarak Öğren, we began with the aim of reaching more students and improving the overall process for doing so. As we are finishing up the first six months of our partnership, I wanted to highlight some important milestones in our journey with them.

We began by improving the new user acquisition strategy. Konuşarak Öğren achieved its acquisitions by targeting those who wanted to learn English in a more general spectrum. Therefore the first step for us was to do a market segmentation for acquisition. We created packages, such as business English, English for kids, English for university students. After creating these packages, we outlined our short term, mid term and long term plans.

We created special landing pages and campaigns for each package, and as a result of these, the turnover rate of our campaigns was over 300% in comparison to Konuşarak Öğren’s average rates, while the acquired leads became actual customers with a 200% success rate. By choosing the right target audience, optimizing creative ads and ad models, we managed to lower cost-per-click rates 50% on average.

Our mid term content strategy needed reworking. We proceeded with some more improvements. The dictionary project we created as part of this process is one of the most vital improvements we made. Throughout our research period, we discovered that one of the most fundamental things people who learn English need is an English – Turkish dictionary. We then created a dictionary app to meet the needs of our user base and reach our target audience organically.


In order to improve our long term acquisition strategy, we had to be able to meet long term requirements. That is how we began to analyze solutions that would benefit our target audience. We highlighted the topic of generating efficient solutions to cater to the increasing need of mobile support for English learning audiences, and made that topic a key part of our acquisition strategy. By aligning the issues that users face while learning English with common mobile behaviours, we developed certain mobile app concepts and started to develop our mobile apps accordingly.


As our acquisition process continued, we also started working on how we would be able to hold on to our user base for longer periods. By performing a cohort analysis, we were able to correctly determine the churn rates of our users. We needed to increase their engagement rates with Konuşarak Öğren in order to keep them longer as well as clearly presenting them with the benefits that Konuşarak Öğren can offer them. Konuşarak Öğren has both interactive applications and rich content – so we started by analyzing the user behaviour and determining how much they use the said content and apps. The result did not look satisfactory: users were often facing issues in discovering or using the products efficiently and were mostly unable to use them eventually.

In order to maximize the user engagement levels as well as the amount of direct benefits the users would be getting from Konuşarak Öğren, we set to work. We needed an efficient format to present the right kind of content with the new student panel we were working on, which would enable the users to improve their linguistic skills dramatically. To ensure that, we needed to make sure that the new panel would be able to steer the students in the right direction, helping them learn what they needed to do to be successful in learning a new language, as well as being fun to use and efficient at the same time.

We created side-products that would further strengthen the improvement of the users who were receiving online private classes. These products consisted of reading listening, writing and grammar. In developing them, we highlighted user motivations in alignment with the motivation to learn a new language. For instance, when offering reading material to a certain user, we referred to their personal interests.


Another important topic was the users’ motivation to document the education they were receiving, so we designed an online and offline certificate that the users would be able to use.


As we proceeded with these strategies, we also needed to improve the purchase pages that users were interacting when they bought new packages. Therefore we redesigned the packages, sign up and payment pages.


While going through with the online side of things, we also aimed to improve the operational level as well – the sales process of Konuşarak Öğren involved lead generation and closing the sale with call centers afterwards. So when a new lead arrived, there would be a free level quiz and interview with a teacher, and then a sales pitch would be made to the user, with an offer customised for their needs. We tried to automatise the lead test interview time for potential customers. After going over the results, we enabled 50% of the leads to set their own interview times, which lowered the number of secondary calls significantly. We also created a newsletter that informated the new leads about the qualities of Konuşarak Öğren that set it aside from its peers, as well as designing a landing page to warm-up leads before the sales call and to answer any questions they may have.


Another vitally important topic for us while we worked on end-user acquisition was our B2B strategy. We started out by preparing sales presentations and offer briefs to support B2B efforts.


We started to create content for HR professionals, who were part of our target audience. We created word cards for HR that displayed how a corporate scale process would be achieved and what type of results were received. The cards were designed for both online and offline use.


I first met Muhammed after he wrote his Growth Hacking book. I have yet to read it, but I really wanted to meet someone who specialised in this subject. His strategy for user acquisition is impeccable. Since his workshops are open to everyone, we met rather easily. He has a great deal of knowledge about how successful companies in the Silicon Valley have achieved sustainable growth and what they did (and did not do) to get to where they are by thoroughly researching them, as well as developing his own methods. He is able to identify unique segments in marketing, differentiate and identify marketing channels and develop new products. Although sometimes they do not yield satisfactory results, everyone knows that the road to success is paved with trials and errors. He is constantly reading, eager to improve himself and is never satisfied with what he knows. I feel very lucky to have met and be working with Muhammed. As our company continues its journey to the global scale, we are learning things together – and I believe the company will be tremendously successful. By supporting each other, we will be able to create a success story from Turkey and that he will be a key element in the success of our company.

Savaş Ateş – Co-founder of Konuşarak Öğren

Startups have a long journey of growth. Growth and growth hacking are not just a few magical ideas put to practise. They require systematic work, constant doubt, testing out new and different ideas and learning. During the process, it is vital to take the right actions with the right talent and tools, to follow-up on those actions and to work on the right issues. If you think you need help in this journey, let’s talk!